Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rajgad Pictures

A Wild Stunner !!
"Nedh-a" ..In Clouds !!
On our way up !!
Gunjavane [ The village at Base] !!
Stairway to Heaven !!
Taken from Chor Darwaja

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Monday, August 01, 2005


Couldn't cook any plan till friday. AB was stuck in Mumbai due to heavy rains. Got a call late Friday night from PN. He said we were six, and we better decide someplace on Satara side. We thought about a trek to Vairatgad. We started late in the morning so a change of plans had us aiming for .

We reached Gunjavane at about 11. If you want to take the Chor darwaja, you have to go to Gunjavane or else you can go to Vajeghar and climb by the Pali darwaja.
The water stream near Gunjavane had swollen and there was water flowing over the bridge. We manage to ride across on bikes. We started our climb with the company of two dogs. We trusted the dogs for the route and let them lead us. That turned out to be a mistake. After a walk of an hour or so we met the local Vijay Mallya who was transporting his brew to the base [ The Hatbhatti if you know this magic potion i.e. ]. He told us we were on the wrong road. So we headed back and Mr Mallya guided us to the correct road.

We made it to the top in another hour or so. It was raining heavily, we hadn't made food arrangements. To add to the problem we met an old chap who had lost
his cow on the fort and was searching for past two days. He needed something to eat. So whatever we had we gave 1/3rd of it to him. We went conservative.
We started getting down at about 4.30 from Chor darwaja. We had some Pohe and tea at the small joint at base and started our journey back. There was more water flowing now on the small bridge. Luckily we got some help from another group we met on the way back to get our bikes across.

But there was another surprise on the way back, another bridge on the way back was submerged. Wasnt worth risking lives in that roaring water barrier of about 150 mtr. To our luck we found an alternate road. Heavy rains meant not much of photography. Overall a nice cool one dayer. Came back to discover Ferrari was on pole.