Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Kenjalgad Pictures

Entrance ..taken while getting down..
The route from Raireshwar ..to left is Wai / Kamalgad / Walki Basin
Looking back on the way to Kenjalgad from Raireshwar
Way up ..Raireshwar in clouds..

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Kenjalgad A.K.A Ghera Khelanja

I cooked a plan with AB for a Sunday bike adventure on Friday. I couldnt get much response from the paxonet teacup trekkers and that was expected. We started off early in the morning at 6.00 on a pleasant Sunday morning. Had breakfast on the tapri located at the Bhor corner.

To reach Kenjalgad one has to pass Bhor and take the road to Ambavade. From Ambavade take a right from the bridge and proceed towards Jambhulwadi / Korle. This stretch of road demands skills and is a remenant of tarmac road which must have existed in 's era. We parked our bike at the village before Jambhulwadi / Korle and took a walk as the road got nastier.

We started our climb at 9.00 in the morning, despite of being advised by the local guys we took the Raireshwar road which goes up till the summit and you take a left to Kenjalgad. This proved disastrous, we reached the extreme right side of the massif and couldnt find the way up. Going across to the left side was a bit tedious but we could manage it.
Other motivation behind this was the need for a *safe passage* on the way back.

There is not much to see on the fort. One can see the Wai side from the top and the backwaters of Dhom dam. One can see and Navra-Navri of Kamalgad on the other side of Walki river from the top. There was too much of rain and too much of wind, although I managed a couple of snaps.

The journey back was far from exciting, It was raining heavier in Pune. I had some serious problem with my bike in Katraj and it continued till I reached home and it still is with me.
I spoiled my cellphone on this trek and I hope the camera is about to dry as I reach home. Ill post the pictures if the thing is intact. Check out the complete imagestation album here.