Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Kawlya A.K.A. Kavlya Pictures

Neera Devghar Dam
One of the many bridges in backwaters of Neera Devghar
Life on Roads - Monsoons
The endless number of waterfalls you see on this road
View of the valley enroute Kawlya
Main range of Sahyadris
Approaching Kawlya - The mist covered mountains
Primate shot by a primate
View of the valley and waterfalls from Kavlya/Kawlya

Kawlya A.K.A. Kavlya

Ill cut the long story short this time around. We had multiple options. It was likely that we would have had to bike this weekend. Though, thanks to the elaborate efforts of Lord C...shwar. We found ourselves traveling in two Sumos to Kavlya/Kawlya fort with Lord C's apostles.

Historically, this fort has been described as the stronghold of Chandrarao More of Jawali, who was Shivaji's archrival. We were always taught stories of the thick jungles of Jawali and how difficult it was to get round those. Its to not to a good, though to a fair extent still holds the same charm.

We got going at 7.30 AM in the morning, had breakfast at Natraj on Satara road. After stopping down for good amount of time for photography at Neera Devghar dam we headed towards the destination. This route is the second route after Tamhini that connects ghat to Konkan and probably very few know it and I guess its very nice to be kept that way. What this ensures is that there are little tourists. No plastic, no trash, no drunkards and all and nothing but you and greenest valley with beautiful waterfalls emptying relentlessly in it.

Ill intentionally skip the directions part here. Its worth making that effort and figuring out this treasure on your own. We got going amongst heavy mist, reached the destination. Though due to mist, clouds went round it and went far too ahead and wandered. After some searching and adventurous stunts we gave up and decided to retire to base where the vehicles were parked.

There are quite a few interesting things around this place. There are traces of old steps off the route which is normally taken for hiking. If you talk to the locals you would find hell lot of information about some of the things which are still not much known to the regular traveler. We indulged in some of the greatest waterfalls I have ever ran into on the way back got some of the neatest shots I could ever get. Check out the complete imagestation album here.