Friday, December 02, 2005


Drive to Mulshi on a lazy weekend !!

A *blue* whale there ;-)
View of the lake !!
Shot by Karthik !!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Siddhagad Pictures

Khopoli - The Smog cover !!
Terda - Macro magic !!
Way to Murbad !!
Padar Killa and Bhimashankar !!
Gorakhgad from Siddhagadwadi !!
The triangular shaped plateau below from Siddhagad !!
Gorakhgad in clouds !!
Gorakhgad and the pinnacle of Machhindragad behind !!
The Sahyadri range from Siddhagad !!
The cave of the *Baba* at Siddhagad !!
Siddhagad - From Siddhagadwadi !!


We chose Siddhagad this weekend. The response was overwhelming. We were a team of 17. Eleven freshies and the usual team. After packing up breakfast + lunch and picking up the last guy at Hinjawadi, it was about 6.45. I found to my surprise two PICTians and was told there are seven more in the office. I gathered from google that the climb starts from a place called Narivali, although we after reaching Mhasa went to a place called Jambharde. The road to Murbad turns to right for Jambharde into Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary. There is a guarded gate here. One can go futher from here to reach the village from where the climb starts. This route merges with the route from Narivali and saves a bit of distance.

The climb is a bit lengthy and tiring affair. Some enthusiastic people have painted the height in feet on stones along the way. After an hour's mix of simple + moderate climb one reaches a plateau. There is a village here. One cant find it immediately, its to the left of the massive sight of Siddhagad one gets on reaching this plateau [ 1300+ Ft]. The evidence of civilization is the presence of . From here one really understands the tiring part of the trek. We got an impression we havent made much progress. Its can be compared to Kalsubai, where you think you are there but you realize after scaling heights that there is more on your plate. We found our way to the village [ to the left side of the fort on the plateau ] and hired services of a local chap as a guide. I think it was a good decision on our part. The climb from this point onwards is more tricky and you have to watch your steps carefully. After some struggle the 17 member herd reached the top.

There is no real traces of construction. There are ruins of a Shiva temple and foundations of couple of other structures. From here you get an excellent view of the prism shaped plateau below and then the base below. To the right one can see Gorakhgad and Machhindragad pinnacle behind it. If the weather is clear one can see the temple at the top of Gorakhgad from here. To the left one can spot the peculiar shaped Padar Killa, Khandas - Bhimashankar range and Kothligad - Peth beyond Padar Killa.

We just made it in time when it was getting dark, to discover that five of the guys with us who were actually ahead of us were missing. They had wandered a bit but luckily got them after a bit of yelling in the jungles near the village. I have been rescued at Sudhagad once, I wanted to return the favour but some other time :-) Pictures can be found here. Find the imagestation album here.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Nakhind Pictures

Nakhind !!
Ulhas basin !!
Chanderi from Nakhind !!
Wadi at the top !!
Paddy !!


Lot has been said and written about Nakhind on the web already. We left early, had breakfast at Lonavala. Disaster struck when we took the right turn to karjat from Khopoli. The tyre got punctured. After changing the tyre and fixing the ill-fated tyre we marched towards our destination Vangani. To reach Vangani, one takes a left before Karjat to Neral. Vangani is about 10kms from Neral. From Vangani you take a left towards Nakhind. We were told that due to the recent rains there was a landslide and the wadi on the top has been evacuated, even though if we would want to take chances we could.

We decided to try our luck, but the road was completely washed out due to landslides. So we tried our luck on the rightmost side of the mountain. Succeeded to some extent. Could see the Ulhas river and Chanderi. After quite a few waterfall / waterstream breaks we visited the mammoth waterfall at the base. This place is flocked by tourists at times and they dirty the whole place. Morning when we reached this place, there was an all female contingent destined for this waterfall. Poor AJ asked them if they were from Yuvashakti and was mistook for making fun of the Narishakti and was given a big F by the PETF (People for ethical treatment of females) members.

Pictures can be found here. Check out the imagestation album here.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Kamalgad Pictures

Dhom - Wall !!
Pandavgad in clouds - Taken from Banks of Dhom !!
Navra -Navri of Kamalgad !!
Kamalgad at 12.00 - Taken from Tupewadi !!
Dhom backwaters from Tupewadi

Paddy at the base.
The way up
Waterstream - Deux
Taken while getting down


It was a long weekend but we still decided for a one dayer. We decided on . We left quite late, and a breakfast break at Natraj on Satara road cost us more. The way to reach Kamalgad is to reach Wai and then proceed to Jambhli then cross the Walki river [ a tributary to Krishna ] and reach a place called Tupewadi. The drive is scenic and the road is good too. On the way to Jambhli one can spot to right and Dhom to the left of the road and is an amazing sight.One can also spot to right on your way and I belive one can climb it from this side as well.

We stared our climb too late [ at about 1.00 in the afternoon ]. The climb is a bit lengthy one and even from Tupewadi one cant get an idea about where the fort is. One can spot the Navra Navri as well on the same mountain range. The way up is through thick forest and waterfalls. After getting lost couple of times and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, the dirty and muddy eight reached the top. A shephard guy stays here. The clock showed 3.30 by then. The fog made it impossible for us to see anything. We gave ourselves a deadline of 4.00 and proceeded thorough the thick forest till we reached an open area. We could see the fort real close to our right from here, and some house or something 100 mts ahead. But we were running out of time. The factors to be considered were the heavy rains and the news about a cat sighting the day before. We decided to head back.

Epilogue :I realized that time management here was critical, but there always is a next time. Heavy rains meant little photography. More pictures are here.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hadsar Pictures

Need I say more ?
Water*falls* !!·
The shorter route !!
Fortification to the right side of entrance !!
The waterfalls defying gravity !!
While getting down from steps !!
A hutment enroute Hadsar village on the way down.
Lavani - Of a different kind


Our Ratangad one day adventure plan did not work out well. The transport guy turned up late. So we needed change of plans. So we decided to trek . It was a team of seven. My Paxonet buddies and me.

Way to reach Hadsar is to reach Junnar via Narayangaon from Pune and then take the road to Manikdoh [ A right turn followed by an immediate left]. Hadsar is about 16 Kms from Junnar. There is a route which starts from Hadsar itself and is the shortest one. We took this route for climb. It hardly takes an hour to get up from this route. Although the final section is a bit tricky. The other route from where we got down has steps and is a bit lengthy one, as it goes round the left end of the fort.

You have a very strong wind on the top which on this day seemed to beat gravity when it came to the waterfalls. I had never seen the water being thrown back up from the valley so beautifully ever. There is a Shiv-Mandir on the top and couple of water tanks. There are couple of caves to the left side as you reach the top. One can see the Manikdoh dam waters from the top and fort of on the other side of the dam. You can also spot Jeevdhan from Hadsar to your right across the backwaters of Manikdoh.

Epilogue : A nice fun one dayer. I managed to put some here so the good news is I am listed in google which I found as I write this. I need to watermark the pictures henceforth I guess.
More images can be found here

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rajgad Pictures

A Wild Stunner !!
"Nedh-a" ..In Clouds !!
On our way up !!
Gunjavane [ The village at Base] !!
Stairway to Heaven !!
Taken from Chor Darwaja

Find more details here.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Couldn't cook any plan till friday. AB was stuck in Mumbai due to heavy rains. Got a call late Friday night from PN. He said we were six, and we better decide someplace on Satara side. We thought about a trek to Vairatgad. We started late in the morning so a change of plans had us aiming for .

We reached Gunjavane at about 11. If you want to take the Chor darwaja, you have to go to Gunjavane or else you can go to Vajeghar and climb by the Pali darwaja.
The water stream near Gunjavane had swollen and there was water flowing over the bridge. We manage to ride across on bikes. We started our climb with the company of two dogs. We trusted the dogs for the route and let them lead us. That turned out to be a mistake. After a walk of an hour or so we met the local Vijay Mallya who was transporting his brew to the base [ The Hatbhatti if you know this magic potion i.e. ]. He told us we were on the wrong road. So we headed back and Mr Mallya guided us to the correct road.

We made it to the top in another hour or so. It was raining heavily, we hadn't made food arrangements. To add to the problem we met an old chap who had lost
his cow on the fort and was searching for past two days. He needed something to eat. So whatever we had we gave 1/3rd of it to him. We went conservative.
We started getting down at about 4.30 from Chor darwaja. We had some Pohe and tea at the small joint at base and started our journey back. There was more water flowing now on the small bridge. Luckily we got some help from another group we met on the way back to get our bikes across.

But there was another surprise on the way back, another bridge on the way back was submerged. Wasnt worth risking lives in that roaring water barrier of about 150 mtr. To our luck we found an alternate road. Heavy rains meant not much of photography. Overall a nice cool one dayer. Came back to discover Ferrari was on pole.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Pandavgad Pictures

Another wild flower
Main "Darwaja"/ Entrance.
Wild Flower
Water tank on Pandavgad
Dhom dam and Kamalgad
Pandavgad entrance
Taken on the way up
Forest cover on the way up
Getting down to Wai
Taken from Mandhardev
Wai ahead and Pandavgad to right·
Dhom Dam
Ambade Ghat·

Find more details here.