Monday, June 20, 2005

Dhangad A.K.A Ghangad

We managed to gather around 11 heads for the first trek of 2005. KV and A reached Pune from Hyd at 4.30 and found themselves killing time at Comesum. They called me at 5.30 and reached my place at about 6.00. I had forgot to charge my digicam batteries and to add insult to injury the power went off in the morning, although paxonet office and GuruKrupa@lonavala helped me recharge !! Finally we got going at about 7.00 from pax, picked up couple of guys from my office at S mart.

The way to reach is from Sahara valley - Ambavane. Moving further ahead is a village called Bhambarde. The way to fort goes from this village.
Other way is from Mulshi before Tamhini take a right towards lonavala and reach bhambarde, this is a bumpy ride and not recommended for the meek ones.

The climb is simple one, although make no mistake the final section is a rock patch and and is technical. Junta freaked out on some *kali maina(karwanda)* and mangoes in the wild. The last section unlike the most forts is dusty and brittle rocks. After a big discussion and AJ having demnostrated and smashed egoes, I took the initiative, the junta to made it to the top was A, P, C, AJ and myself.

The view from the top is great, you can see telbaila rising from the plateau, Sudhagad to the left of Telbaila and Sarasgad at a distance. On the other side you can see the backwaters of Mulshi lake. Pictures would follow soon. Check out the complete imagestation album here.


Lost Star said...

Awsome blogs and forts that you have covered in Sahyadri.

I am Chaitanya, based out of Mumbai. Me and few of my friends are planning a trek -two weeks- to a peak Stok kangri near Leh - 18,000+ ft - in July 2008. I have 3members confirmed and looking for 4-5 more members for this trek.

If you are or if anyone else is interested, please contact me for more details on my email address or @ 98210 65644.


Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Thanks for the route buddy :)

The Upper Class Crow
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BuD said...

Welcome mate !