Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rohida A.K.A Vichitragad

Teacup trekkers struck again. So myself and AB decided to hike on Sunday. From our experiece with we decided to leave a bit early. Although we left Pune at about 5.40, which also is not bad.

To reach Rohida one has to reach Bhor and take a left to Wai and stop at a place called Bajarwadi.The climb starts from this place.

It wasnt raining although the weather was pleasent. We made it to the top in about an hour.I learnt the much talked about *macro mode* stuff, which in layman's terms (mine) is called the close up shot.I managed couple of good pictures of flowers etc with this. Although insects and some weird variety of bees made life difficult for us. There is too much of defortestation on the hills in Bhor area. There are no trees at all. All you get is eucalyptus trees. In short going to this place in summers or even winters is not advisable.

There is not much on the top. On the other side one can see Bhatghar at a distance and the road to Ambavade. I am sure you can climb from that side as well, although the entrance is one so this route would prove to be lengthy and hence not advisable.
There are couple of water tanks and a temple of Rohideshwar which is in a bad shape. We defended the perimeter wall, took good amount of snaps and got down at about 1.00 in the afternoon.

We visited Baneshwar on the way back home. This place is 2.5Kms from Nasarapur, which is on your way to Torna / [ Velhe ]. The waterfalls at this place are beautiful, the stone unlike rest of sahyadris is a limestone'ish variety. Beware of beggers here. There is a Shiva temple so this place is flocked with Junta. We chose not to step into water as it was too slippery out there. We got back in Pune at about 5.00 which considering the things we did and accounting for the beer and tandoori chicken consumed on the way back was good.

I am pretty happy about the pictures I got, partly due to it was only two of us. So I could concentrate more on pictures of my types. Find the complete imagestation abum here.

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