Sunday, August 14, 2005


It was a long weekend but we still decided for a one dayer. We decided on . We left quite late, and a breakfast break at Natraj on Satara road cost us more. The way to reach Kamalgad is to reach Wai and then proceed to Jambhli then cross the Walki river [ a tributary to Krishna ] and reach a place called Tupewadi. The drive is scenic and the road is good too. On the way to Jambhli one can spot to right and Dhom to the left of the road and is an amazing sight.One can also spot to right on your way and I belive one can climb it from this side as well.

We stared our climb too late [ at about 1.00 in the afternoon ]. The climb is a bit lengthy one and even from Tupewadi one cant get an idea about where the fort is. One can spot the Navra Navri as well on the same mountain range. The way up is through thick forest and waterfalls. After getting lost couple of times and getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, the dirty and muddy eight reached the top. A shephard guy stays here. The clock showed 3.30 by then. The fog made it impossible for us to see anything. We gave ourselves a deadline of 4.00 and proceeded thorough the thick forest till we reached an open area. We could see the fort real close to our right from here, and some house or something 100 mts ahead. But we were running out of time. The factors to be considered were the heavy rains and the news about a cat sighting the day before. We decided to head back.

Epilogue :I realized that time management here was critical, but there always is a next time. Heavy rains meant little photography. More pictures are here.

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