Sunday, August 21, 2005


Lot has been said and written about Nakhind on the web already. We left early, had breakfast at Lonavala. Disaster struck when we took the right turn to karjat from Khopoli. The tyre got punctured. After changing the tyre and fixing the ill-fated tyre we marched towards our destination Vangani. To reach Vangani, one takes a left before Karjat to Neral. Vangani is about 10kms from Neral. From Vangani you take a left towards Nakhind. We were told that due to the recent rains there was a landslide and the wadi on the top has been evacuated, even though if we would want to take chances we could.

We decided to try our luck, but the road was completely washed out due to landslides. So we tried our luck on the rightmost side of the mountain. Succeeded to some extent. Could see the Ulhas river and Chanderi. After quite a few waterfall / waterstream breaks we visited the mammoth waterfall at the base. This place is flocked by tourists at times and they dirty the whole place. Morning when we reached this place, there was an all female contingent destined for this waterfall. Poor AJ asked them if they were from Yuvashakti and was mistook for making fun of the Narishakti and was given a big F by the PETF (People for ethical treatment of females) members.

Pictures can be found here. Check out the imagestation album here.

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