Sunday, August 28, 2005

Siddhagad Pictures

Khopoli - The Smog cover !!
Terda - Macro magic !!
Way to Murbad !!
Padar Killa and Bhimashankar !!
Gorakhgad from Siddhagadwadi !!
The triangular shaped plateau below from Siddhagad !!
Gorakhgad in clouds !!
Gorakhgad and the pinnacle of Machhindragad behind !!
The Sahyadri range from Siddhagad !!
The cave of the *Baba* at Siddhagad !!
Siddhagad - From Siddhagadwadi !!


Nagesh Pai said...

hi Pal,

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Well you have a great one here. Looks like you are big time trekker!!


Nagesh Pai said...

The photographs are breathtaking and its very generous of you to share your experience with a wannabe trekker like me.. can you do me one favour.. can you please inform me of any treks that you may be going in the future.. i would like to be a part of it.. but do remember i am an absolute amateur trekker.. dont know how to climb rocks and stuff.. but i learn fast :-)

Nachowski said...

^what nagesh said. And dude, those are some kick-ass photos.

Mike said...

Wow!!! Wonderful photos...

Vishwas said...

Great place...awesome photographs