Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tung A.K.A. Kathingad Pictures

Pinnacle, there is a temple at the top !!

Road from Paud towards Tung
Tung from the Road !!
Another shot, the pinnacle in clouds !!
Waterfalls on the way to Morve !!
The entrance !!Machi below .. taken from rightmost point if facing Tikona !!


Rubic_Cube said...

So, finally there is an update on this blog... considering the monsoons doing their bit to the wilderness, I just as much expected you to show up with something new. I have referred this blog on People should be coming over to check this blog out sooner... All the best! & Good Job!

BuD said...

Thanks thanks thanks. I'd try my best to live up to the expectations. Thanks once again !!