Saturday, July 14, 2007


All those fellas who still tune in here. Here's a big Hi. The old man doesn't have much fire in his belly by now. Though the old man is busy with some of his daily chores he did manage to pull off a weekend hike for the start of this monsoons i.e. on 30th of June 2007.

Primarily since it rained cats and dogs this time around Pune and again my folks or I dont know played with my poor point and shoot cam's image resolution settings I wouldn't have much nice pics, though the man I am who has always believed in consistency I still have some shots which dont really do much justice to this blog. Still nevertheless what the h/f**k.

Getting to the point and for the record, we converged on Tikona. I had been to this place long time ago with Paxonet guys and was quite an experience. Since I started with Tung last year and Tikona sounded more like the closest we decided we give it a shot.

Comrades included, Balls, Gemini, Kid, Subbu and Surd and yours truly. We set out at about 7.30ish from Chandni Chouk towards our target.
To get to this place you got to
1] Reach Paud via Chandni Chauk/Hinjewadi. Take a right from the Paud bus stand to a place called Javan and proceed further towards Tikona Peth.
2] Get to Somatane Phata via the Katraj Dehuroad bypass. Take a left for Pawana Dam and proceed towards Tikona peth past Pawana dam.

We made it there amongst heavy rains, parked our bikes at the temple at Tikona Peth once we felt we couldnt make it any further and proceeded for the climb. The tonic part which is the essential ingrediant of the treks was missing this time. Some R&D took us to the top, where rains did not leave us much options than to take shelter in the caves around.

There hardly are any structures around. There is a temple, couple of caves where one could stay overnight and old ramparts. You can spot Pawana dam and Tung bang across the waters of Pawana dam. If you would google, it tells you that why its called Tikona etc. etc.

After having bunch of Parle-Gs and assorted snacks the comrades decided to head back.
Return was uneventful. Rains worsened. We took a break at Pawananagar for Chaha and Khekada Bhaji. Dont have any imagestation album this time. Hope Ill do better next time.

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