Monday, August 13, 2007

Koregad - Korigad - Koraigad Pictures

Waterfalls enroute Ghusalkhamb from Mulshi.
View of the Mulshi Lake. The semi-circular wall is visible.
The tall cloud covered mountains enroute.
Numerous water sources like these empty in Mulshi Lake here
View of the Northern arm of Mulshi Lake.
The steps to Korigad.
One of the numerous wild flowers of Sahyadris.
Fortification - Korigad
A mushroom - I caught it inside a hole in the fortification


Sudhi said...

nice macros mate.. great colors :)

BuD said...

Thanks man.

mudit said...

amazing pics.... hey one q though ... do u guys take other people along... my friends are scared of going to these type of places... and i do go to such places but am a little scared of doing it alone....

BuD said...

We do, so you are most welcome. I mean we aren't like those groups out there doing it for profit or anything. We are just bunch of friends doing it for fun our way, so anyone with similar interest is welcome to join in. And hey thanks for dropping by, its good to know you.

Veerasundar said...

Nice pictures. Especially that mushrooms. looks kewl in tht yellow color.