Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thoseghar Pictures

Breakfast time for a bug just outside Satara
Sajjangad - Numerous flowers like these bloom in Sahyadris in Late August
Thoseghar - F1
Thoseghar - F2
F2 - Closeup
Another Wildflower of Sahyadris
One of the many windmills - Chalkewadi
If it gives any idea about the size
Floors of rice fields - Chalkewadi
Left - Sajjangad, Right at distance - Ajinkyatara


Anonymous said...

This destination is very beautiful, so refreshing environment; also the snaps are very beautiful especially the waterfall snap is awesome.

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Sudarshan Bhat said...

To view pics of Sahyadri forts, old temples & caves which I have clicked in Maharashtra, Goa & Karnataka, please visit the link

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