Monday, September 17, 2007

Torna A.K.A Prachandgad Pictures

The Hone[y] Collector
Unknown to me - Flower of Sahyadris
My Dhanno - My partner in crime
Karvi flower - Blooms once every 7 years
Swades - HE the people
Torna framed - The way to top through Karvi
Sept - Oct is the time for numerous of these flowers
Another view of Fort Torna
Another unknown to me flower of Sahyadris
The entrance


deepanjali said...

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Anonymous said...

dude, first of all sooper pics these.
listen, am an avid trekker jus the way u seem to be too! sum friends are plannin a trek to lohagad this weekend. we were plannin to travel by car. so wanted to know whether there is an entry/exit for malavali comin from mumbai on the pune expressway?? if not, could you suggest an alternative road?
any help would be more than appreciated.



BuD said...

Sandesh, thanks man. Sadly, you dont have an exit for Malavali on expressway, you need to take Lonavala exit on expressway and Malavali isnt too far from there, guess 7 odd kms.

Anonymous said...

ok bud. thanku!


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy! Jus wanted to let you know that your info helped in gettin to Malavali. The trek, too, was sooper. We had the fort all to ourselves :)


GeeƐ ee said...

Dude... awesssome pics...
quite unfortunate tht i had misssed torna trek...

Travel Insurance said...

beautiful pictures - nature rules!:)

pavithra said...

interesting blog.

Max said...

great blog and your photos are wonderful ;)! i enjoy visiting your blog - thank you!

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Aloha, thank you for this little glimpse of Inda, it's truly on the top of my to go list. I too live a wonderland of beauty and culture and appreciate what Mother Nature offers us. I have a special affection for plants that show special gifts only on a blue moon. Your Karvi flower post has inspired me to do a little research on it and maybe do a post on my wedding/floral blog.
Much Aloha and Mahalo from Maui! Angela Liva Decoite