Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sonori A.K.A Malhargad Pictures

Kondhwa - From Baapdeo Ghat
Sardar Panse Palace at Sonori
Walls of Panse wada - Sonori
Sonori - Malhargad - Fort
Shiva temple on the fort
Fortification - Malhargad
One of the multiple wells for water
Fortification on the west side of the fort
The water tank on fort
East end of the fort


sujay said...

hi dear bud,
No words to describe your passion for trekking sahyaadri. Billion's salute to you.

Recently i came across with this catagory of work (internet research for Sahaaydri)and i found that your the king.

Your blog is great guide for other trekker's and sahyaadri lover's.

Keep it up.
God bless you and give you extra Passion for this beautiful Journey.

BuD said...

Hello Sujay,

Thanks for your generous words. May I live up to your words and be able to visit places I have always dreamt of visiting.
Thanks once again for all the praise !


Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing dude. I love your snaps it s really India? you reveal the most beautiful & historical places of India. Thanks to Sharing with us dude. Best of luck.
Mohammad Zohaib Khan from Atlanta

मराठीमय said...

Hi friend,
Let me mention these photographs are really eye-catching
I on behalf of team want you to share some information about this Malhargad and other places you travelled in Sasawad region.
Team Saswadkar

आदित्य पानसे said...

The fortification protecting Panse Wada is called "Kate Darwaja". The door has long nails stamped into it, sharp side up. The idea is to prevent elephants from banging and demolishing the door in war times. The door looks thorny, thus named as "Kate Darwaja".

Just outside Kate Darwaja, there is a 'samadhi' of Sardar Bhivrao Panse, the maratha artilley maestro who fought and met heroic death in Third War of Panipat. His wife went 'satee' and her monument also exists alongside.

Inside Kate Darwaja, there is a residential area and Gopalkrishna Mandir from times of Peshwas.

We Panse's gather there every year to commemorate our brave ancestor.

Thank you for posting pics of Malhargad - they are truly mesmerising!