Sunday, July 10, 2005

Chavand A.K.A Prasannagad

Myself and the Paxonet guys hiked this weekend. I had made plans to go to this place last week itself, although it did not work out. We were about a team of eight and started in a Sumo from the *usual place*.

To reach this place take the road from Junnar to Ghatghar (Jeevdhan / Naneghat). Some 17Kms from Junnar lies the fort of Chavand.
The consturction is all in ruins although you can clearly tell it wasnt built by . History says it was fort built by the Satvahanas.
Myself P and L seperated from the group and decided to defend the perimeter wall. It took us quite some time to go round the hillock in the middle of the fort. The ladder on the way up is interesting and had it not been there, although you cant trust that. I wouldnt want to climb the fort. The view from top is breathtaking. You can see the Kukadi - Manikdoh dam waters everywhere. We were told the backwaters almost reach Ghatghar in heavy rains. One can see fort of on the oppositte side of the Manikdoh dam.
You can also spot Jeevdhan and Naneghat to the left.

We attempted to go to Naneghat but the road conditions prompted us to head back. I couldnt get much good pictures due to poor light. Check out the imagestation album here.

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