Sunday, August 07, 2005


Our Ratangad one day adventure plan did not work out well. The transport guy turned up late. So we needed change of plans. So we decided to trek . It was a team of seven. My Paxonet buddies and me.

Way to reach Hadsar is to reach Junnar via Narayangaon from Pune and then take the road to Manikdoh [ A right turn followed by an immediate left]. Hadsar is about 16 Kms from Junnar. There is a route which starts from Hadsar itself and is the shortest one. We took this route for climb. It hardly takes an hour to get up from this route. Although the final section is a bit tricky. The other route from where we got down has steps and is a bit lengthy one, as it goes round the left end of the fort.

You have a very strong wind on the top which on this day seemed to beat gravity when it came to the waterfalls. I had never seen the water being thrown back up from the valley so beautifully ever. There is a Shiv-Mandir on the top and couple of water tanks. There are couple of caves to the left side as you reach the top. One can see the Manikdoh dam waters from the top and fort of on the other side of the dam. You can also spot Jeevdhan from Hadsar to your right across the backwaters of Manikdoh.

Epilogue : A nice fun one dayer. I managed to put some here so the good news is I am listed in google which I found as I write this. I need to watermark the pictures henceforth I guess.
More images can be found here