Monday, January 23, 2006

Kangori A.K.A Mangalgad

Life has been pretty uneventful on the trekking front from September. AB just bought a new digicam recently so he was more interested in an adventure. It turned out on judgement day that it was only two of us. We still decided to go ahead. We biked till Bhor turn, had some breakfast and then brainstormed on the destination. Options were Vairatgad or Kangori A.K.A Mangalgad. We agreed on Kangori since that involved getting down Varandha ghat [ If you have been here, you would agree, the tricky turns and the sheer drop in Konkan..pure thrill ]. What we did not know was the distance was an issue for one dayer.

There are two ways to reach this place from Pune - Both 300Kms odd to and fro.
1] Take a right turn to Bhor from Pune Satara Highway and after crossing Bhor take a right to Mahad. The road is a pretty scenic with Neera-Devghar dam waters to the left and vegetation on the right. After getting down from Varandha ghat take a left to Pimpalwadi from a place called Dhalkathi [17kms of a mix of bad/good road from here] and climb the fort.
2] Travel from Tamhini - Mangaon - Mahad take a left turn to Varandha on Goa highway reach Dhalkathi take a right to Pimpalwadi and then proceed to fort. Option 2 is preferable considering there is some help available if you needed it. Option 1 if your locomotion breaks down in the middle, then Mahad is 36 and Bhor is 42Kms away with no signs of civilization.

We started our climb at 12.50 [ blame it on option 1 ] almost made it and then lost our way and then gave up to reach the base at about 3.00. Back at the village one lady told us about a how some girl died a tragic death while getting down from this fort. The news was there is accomodation on fort. Thought of taking some local's help but considering we had to travel 150 odd Kms via Tamhini and time we had on our hands etc dropped the idea.

On the way back spotted some wildfire on Goa highway near Mahad, wondered why noone knew about *this* road to Pune via Tamhini from there. Either case, heaven than spending those lazy weekends at home. Check out the complete imagestation album here.


Vivek Mishra said...

Who is AB?

BuD said...

A good old friend from PICT..

Uday said...

Nice blog, and well maintained, i myself have been to a few places Tungi, Tikona, Harishchandra Gad, Lohagad .. I hit your site as a result of my search for Mandhardevi, which i plan to go this weekend 1st April 2006. Recently i have been going a lot to Konkan, you should go there if you havent yet, some raw untouched beauty Dapoli, Murud, Kashid, Harne, Anjarle. I have flickered a few of them captured in my recent visits you can check them at

also you can visit my blog at though its not a lot about trips and treks you might find it interesting.


BuD said...

Hey thanks for dropping by Uday. Checked out your pictures, looks like you like biking. I have been to Murud couple of times the rest is on a TODO.