Monday, January 23, 2006

Kangori - Mangalgad Pictures

Bridge on Neera river on Pune Satara Highway !!

Fireball !!Neera river on the way to Varandha from Bhor !!
Neera Devghar Dam enroute Mahad !!
Varandha ghat !!

Kawlya fort [ At the base is Shivthar Ghal ] !!
Kangori - Mangalgad Fort !!
Wildfire on Goa Highway !!
Savitri river by Goa highway near Mahad !!


Vikram said...

Man, those are some beautiful pictures.

The place looks good.

BuD said...

Thanks Vikram. The place is good, although nothing beats the beauty of western ghats in monsoons !!

Monsoon said...

The pictures in your blog are fabulous. I landed on your blog after I saw your comment on our bhandardhara trip blog.
We indeed travelled in an auto. From Igatpuri to Bhandardara and back. it was a nice experience.

check out our latest 4 day trip to Koyna forests. that was awesome.

Nice knowing you.



sneha said...

konkan is beautiful.. sahyadris is amazin. u shud travel by konkan railway in monsoon its splendid..

BuD said...

u shud travel by konkan railway in monsoon its splendid...

You are right, I had seen this post and it had really inspired me. And hey thanks for dropping by :-)

ameen said...

Nice pics.

BuD said...

Hey thanks, I saw your blog about western ghats of karnataka and I must say it is elaborate and is a great source of information.

Varun Cheemra said...

Hi Bud,

Man, lets get you on a trip again with a camera. You click really well man.

Im buying this...

Man how do you guys make a hyperlink and rename it on this thing? (embarrassed)

BuD said...

Hey Varun S2IS is a great choice, its big zoom, lets you do more things than a point and shoot, I need it soon too. My point and shoot doesnt have manual controls. Happy shooting with your new baby. And hey thanks, I sure need to get out, I need to get my lazy ass moving. And hey about the link thing, just use the A HREF html tag,even I didnt know till recently that blogger accepted it. You can find example code snippet somewhere on google.

silverine said...

What lovely pictures. Where is this place? Enchanting.

Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

BuD said...

Hey thanks, its a lesser known hill fort called Kangori near a place called Mahad on Mumbai-Goa highway, about 150 Km from Pune. And thanks for dropping by here as well !!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, very impressive. Varandha ghat looks like a fun road indeed ;)

Nice blog,
Budget Travel

Amol Sawant said...

very good JOB proud of u